Great Tips For Setting Up A Business Phone System

Great Tips for Setting Up a Business Phone System
When deciding to setup a business phone system you have to take a few things into consideration. The first being, is your business ready for a phone system? When pondering this question you must ask yourself a few more questions like, will a phone system help the company grow? How many phones will you need? Can you afford a phone system? What type of phone system would be best for your business? Once these questions are answered and you have decided on the system you want you can then move on to setting up the system. Setup is different for each type of system so lets take a look at a few of them.

The first type of system we will look at is the Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system. This system requires an internet connection. There are two types of services for this system, hosted and premises based. Setup consists of plugging the phones into an computer network Internet connection.

Now lets talk about the KSU (key system unit)-less system. This is for businesses that have less than 10 employees. With this system you will have to install, program and do all of the maintenance. The system doesn’t have a central connection because the phones contain all of the communication technology. Because of it’s low cost the major telephone companies don’t support this system. You have make sure that your office telephone wiring is compatible with the system.

If you have a medium to large business you might want to consider a hosted PBX (Private Branch eXchange) system. With this system an expert takes care of the installation, the programming and maintenance. However, you can monitor system and make changes to it through a web interface. You can use this system with VoIP systems, mobile phones and smartphones.

These are the main business phone systems that most businesses use. Although an expert is required for installation, setup for most of these can be done by you the business owner. I hope this has been helpful with getting whatever system you choose up and running.

Are you keeping up with technology? You should be.

In the past few decades technology innovations have significantly changed the way millions of people handle daily tasks. The use of technology innovations such as smart phones, iPads, WiFi, and voice activation have allowed people to perform tasks in a manner that was unthinkable only a few years ago. While millions of people currently utilize technology innovations on a daily basis, there are many people who have not gotten on board regarding keeping up with the latest technology.

For people who are not keeping up with technology, there are numerous reasons why they should keep up with technology innovations. Moreover, if you are not keeping up with technology, you should be making every attempt to keep up with the latest technology. Some of the most important reasons why you should be keeping up with technology include:

1.complete tasks easier and quicker. money.
3.earn new ways to complete tasks.
4.keep up with current trends in society.
5.improve your lifestyle.

Technology has changed almost every aspect of daily life. The way people shop, pay bills, socialize, keep up with the news, communicate, and a variety of other tasks have all been greatly impacted by technology. Even though technology has changed society as a whole, many people still refuse to keep up with the changes in technology. If you are not keeping up with the latest technology, you should make an effort to know what is the latest technology, how the technology works, and the benefits of using the technology.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is fallen behind the latest technology. The reason this is usually a huge mistake is that the latest technology will eventually replace prior technology. Therefore, the people who refuse to keep up with the latest technology often fall behind and are forced to utilize the latest technology without truly understanding how the technology works. This can affect these people in a negative way regarding their professional and personal lives.

Technology changes on a regular basis. For people to be able to use technology, they must keep up with the changes on a regular basis because the differences between how technology works within a five-year period can be substantial. If you are interested in technology, you can visit for some very useful information.

How to Add More Value to Your Business Phone System

How to Add More Value to Your Business Phone System
When it comes to most businesses, the telephone is the most important piece of business equipment. Business phone systems help businesses connect to the world, so it is important that businesses maximize the value of that system. There are a host of basic and advanced features that can add value to a business phone system.

Some of the most basic features include; Auto Attendant, Conferencing, Auto Directory, and a back-up battery. One of the most basic features is refereed to as Auto Attendant. This feature allows callers to access a list of options using their phones key pad. Auto Attendant usually takes the place of a secretary answering the phone. Conferencing is a feature that enables two or more lines to join in on the same conversation. For most systems the default number of lines is two, but this can be modified to fit a business’ needs. Another basic feature to any business phone system is Auto Directory. Auto Directory gives callers the option of dialing a parties extension directly or searching via name. The final feature every business phone system should have is a back-up battery. This battery usually lasts about 60 minutes, and will keep the phones active in the event of a power loss.

Advanced features will improve customer service and help save time with the abilities these features will enable. Some of these features include, Remote Location, find Me/Follow Me, and Computer Telephone Integration. Remote Location allows connections to offsite employees or small remote offices by dialing an internal extension. Find Me / Follow Me enables employees to forward their phone to another phone, cell phone, or home phone. Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) gives the phone system the ability to interact with a computer system. it allows users to click on a telephone number on the screen and the phone system automatically dials the number. Furthermore when a customer calls in, the phone number from the Caller-ID is passed to the computer and the customer’s account is automatically displayed on the screen before the employee answers the phone.

A business’ phone system is the key to maximize customer service and client support. Every business phone system should incorporate the above features to maximize value.